Welcome to our Transportation Department


  • Always have your child at the scheduled bus stop at least 5 minutes before the bus arrives.
  • Do not speed or run to try to catch the bus. This is unsafe.
  • Make sure that you have made eye contact with the school bus driver before releasing your child anywhere near the bus.
  • When dropping off your student at school never stop along side, behind, or park behind the school buses. Buses have blind spots and it is not safe to have your child walking along the side of a bus.
  • When red lights are flashing stay stopped until the driver shuts them off. Lights flash for the duration of the stop.  It is a legal requirement to stop in both directions when the school bus has its red lights flashing; going past the school bus when its lights are activated is the equivalent of running a stop sign and can result in a ticket.
  • Have someone 18 years or older at the bus stop to receive any Kindergarteners or Transitional Kindergarteners.
If you have any questions please address these by phone or make an appointment to discuss any issues that may arise.  Special Note:  If you are interested in becoming a School Bus Driver please contact us at: (530) 968-5361.