School Board Policies & Administrative Regulations

What are school board policies?

Board policies are rules that district school boards adopt to control the school district’s actions and provide standards for students and school staff.  Some board policies call for the district’s superintendent to create and enforce more detailed rules, called administrative regulations, for how the policies will be implemented.  District school boards can also adopt resolutions, which occasionally have the same effect as board policies.  More often, however, school boards adopt resolutions to declare the board’s sentiment towards an issue and set forth general standards that the board agrees to fulfill. School boards and superintendents are the two sources of authority that create and adopt policies, regulations, and resolutions.  The school board and school superintendent invite the community to view board policies and provide input and feedback. (Adapted from ACLU)

How can I provide feedback?

Parents and community members are invited to attend monthly school board meetings. Currently, SCJUSD school board meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 4:30 pm at alternating school locations. Please call the district office for more information at 530-968-5361.


Parents and community members may email questions, concerns, or feedback to elected board members. Their email address can be found at this link.

SCJUSD Board Policies

Our board policies are now available online! Click here the link to view them.