California Healthy Kids Surveys

What is the CHKS?

The CHKS (California Healthy Kids Survey) is a modular, anonymous assessment recommended for students age 10 (grade 5) and above. It is focused on the five most important areas for guiding school and student improvement:

  • student connectedness, learning engagement/motivation, and attendance;
  • school climate, culture, and conditions;
  • school safety, including violence perpetration and victimization/bullying;
  • physical and mental well-being and social-emotional learning; and
  • student supports, including resilience-promoting developmental factors (caring relationships, high expectations, and meaningful participation).

This survey is used state-wide. The California Department of Education minimally requires that districts administer a Core Module of key questions in grades 7 and 9 in order to ensure comparable data across all schools. Detailed demographic data are collected from secondary-school students to help determine the characteristics and representativeness of the sample and identify the needs of vulnerable subgroups.

What are the benefits of CHKS?

Provides detailed data related to three required state priorities — school climate, pupil engagement, and parent involvement — and identifies the needs of vulnerable subgroups and the conditions of school facilities. The majority of districts in California now use this data as LCAP indicators.


Users can compare results among students, teachers and other staff, and parents to gain a more comprehensive picture of stakeholder perceptions and experiences and how they vary.


A district can compare its data to other district’s throughout the state and to state norms. The system is a rich resource for research and program planning at the county and state levels.

Where can I view the CHKS?

You may visit the district office to see a copy of the CHKS or you may click the link below:


Grades 5

Grades 6-8

Grades 9-12

How does consent work?

For students in grades 5 & 6, we need active consent in order for your child to participate. This means we will need your signed permission. Your child should have brought home a permission slip. You may also request one for your child's teacher or the district office. 


For students in grades 7-12, passive consent is required. This means that all students will participate in the survey unless their parent calls the office to opt them out. If you'd like to opt your child out, please do so before the survey administration date.

CHKS for Parents

Surveys are closed for the 2023-2024 school year. Thank you for your feedback!


Parents, we want your feedback, too! Please take the survey for each school site where your children are enrolled below:


Elk Creek Elementary Parent Survey

Indian Valley Middle School Parent Survey

Elk Creek High School Parent Survey

Bidwell Point Continuation School Survey